Plainfield holds We the People March & Rally (photos)

The Plainfield Anti-Violence Coalition called for a local rally against the murder of George Floyd and police violence in general, and it took place today.

While this was Plainfield’s biggest anti-violence rally, it was preceded by many others over this past decade. I have made sure to participate – and post about – every single of one of them since December of 2013. Before giving you today’s photos, I wanted to commemorate all of the residents who have taken to the streets against violence in our community – even when few cameras and politicians were there.

Stop the violence rally for Dawud Hicks – 12/13/2013 – link here

Stop the violence / walk for your life – 8/19/2014 – link here

Stop the violence / walk for your life #2 – 8/25/2014 – link here

KYSS Protest – 9/8/2014 – link here

St Mark’s Church Ferguson March – 9/30/2014 – link here

Enough is Enough rally – 6/6/2016 – link here

We Are Orlando vigil – 6/18/2016 – link here

March for Equality – 7/12/2016 – link here

Stop the Violence Walk – 2/9/2016 – link here

Commemorate Rebellion – 8/12/2017 – link here

Also, please take a look at Plainfield resident and PAAAS teacher Joel Plummer’s Black Lives Matter e-book at












If anyone is wondering, I was this guy taking all the pictures.


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