Second Anti-Violence Demonstration in Plainfield (photos)

On Sunday, August 24, a group of over thirty residents followed the lead of youthful organizers, taking to the streets against violence in our city as the group had the previous weekend. The high energy rally and march began just after 12pm at Plainfield High School and stopped several times along the way to Front Street and Park Avenue before terminating at the Municipal Court and Police Station.

Those who were not able to attend will have their chance next weekend, as these protests are scheduled to convene at Plainfield High School every Sunday at noon. The organizers are working hard at expanding their efforts, and it’s important that the community continue to come out and show their support for young people taking things into their own hands. This blog will have much more information about this movement in the near future as it pushes forward.

Photographer Truman Grayson was on hand to take the majority of the photos for Plainfield View, shown below.


Briana Taylor and Michael Martin (photo: Truman Grayson)


Kaylanni Cardona made her own stop the violence sign (photo: Truman Grayson)


The four main organizers of the protests – Jazmine Lambert, Sabrina Lyttleton, Nia Ali, & Amanda Garcia (photo: Truman Grayson)



John Campbell, Jr. and Alberto Cardona (photo: David Rutherford)



Hakeem Johnson explains the demonstration to one of many interested passers-by (photo: Truman Grayson)


Sydney Johnson works the bullhorn as the protest proceeded down Park Avenue (photo: Truman Grayson)


Hakeem Johnson and James Spears (photo: Truman Grayson)


Alberto and Kaylanni Cardona share the mic at Plainfield High School (photo: Truman Grayson)


Amanda Garcia on Park Avenue (photo: Truman Grayson)


People’s Organization for Progress members Willa Cofield and Steven Hatcher. Translated, Hatcher’s sign reads “I want to live. Stop the violence! Honk your horn!” (photo: David Rutherford)


Jazmine Lambert and Denise Hughes at the beginning of the demonstration (photo: Truman Grayson)

STV_17 cropped

Kareem Massey, Nelson Hernandez, Board of Education President Wilma Campbell, and Brenton stand at the curb in front of Plainfield High School (photo: Truman Grayson)


Alan Goldstein on the mic at Plainfield High School (photo: Truman Grayson)


Nia Ali on Park Avenue (photo: Truman Grayson)


Head of the Plainfield branch of the People’s Organization for Progress Steven Hatcher (photo: David Rutherford)


Jazmine Lambert encourages drivers to honk (photo: Truman Grayson)



Alberto Cardona, Kaylanni Cardona, Yashira Cancel, Yvette Cancel, & Jaheim Guy (photo: Truman Grayson)



Nelson Hernandez, David Rutherford, Janae Hemmings, and Antoinette Dixon at the corner of Seventh Street and Park Avenue (photo: Truman Grayson)


A thumbs up from Nelson Hernandez (photo: Truman Grayson)


An onlooker video records the protest for social media while giving commentary (photo: Truman Grayson)


James Spears at Front Street and Park Avenue (photo: David Rutherford)



“My City is my Business” says Sabrina Lyttleton (photo: David Rutherford)


Steven Hatcher chats with a curious resident, Briana Taylor to their left (photo: Truman Grayson)


Briana Taylor, Nia Ali, and Jazmine Lambert encourage drivers to honk their support (photo: Truman Grayson)


Sydney Johnson and Brenton engage the commercial district (photo: David Rutherford)


The protest terminated in front of the Municipal Court and Police Station (photo: David Rutherford)


2 thoughts on “Second Anti-Violence Demonstration in Plainfield (photos)

  1. Love seeing their involvement. It appears as though adults don’t have the sense that these kids do. They are wonderful. I am proud to be in the same community as they.

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