City Council, Mapp Administration, again discuss forensic audit (video)

At last night’s agenda fixing session, the City Council and Mayor Adrian Mapp’s administration discussed the proposed forensic audit before it failed to gain consent to be moved to the agenda.

7 thoughts on “City Council, Mapp Administration, again discuss forensic audit (video)

  1. I truly wish that SOMEONE would properly explain to Councilwoman Rivers and Councilwoman Taylor the concept of “Point of order.” When a councilor calls for a point of order, all discussion stops. The council president then has to HEAR the objection by the councilor who called for the point of order. AFTER hearing the objection, the council president can deny it, but NOT BEFORE! AJ tried valiantly to explain this to them, but they (perhaps willfully?) refused to hear it, and the council president once again shut me down.

  2. Taylor was unprofessional with her personal attack of Councilwoman Williams. I am glad, however, that she talked about how C.Williams is close to this administration, because it now allows people to comment on how most of the council is close to SRB and Jerry, and we can comment on how their decisions reflect the few, and not Plainfield.

    Also, amazing that this council does not care about justice. They excuse and almost condone lying, cheating and stealing. They, themselves, condoned giving taxpayers money illegally, but don’t care about saving taxpayers money. And the irony is you will hear them say “Have a blessed day”. That means something very different to me. It means that you try to follow a higher authority’s rules, which includes being honest.

    • When they say, ” have a blessed day”, it’s meant in the mean spirited, spiteful and hate filled way.. exactly the same contempt they exhibit for the citizens of Plainfield who aren’t on the take..

  3. check the book, we know money were wasted and I like this Mayor,,, do things an analog perspective,,,,,hire the teens hanging on the corner it is easy to check receipts against the balances

  4. I’ve always wondered what is in that vault in the cellar of city hall. I think the bones of the missing have been stashed in there since the mid 1960’s. Can you snoop around Mr. R and find us the truth?

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