Council upholds most Mapp appointments


Despite apprehensions by Rebecca Williams and Cory Storch, Mayor Mapp got most of what he wanted

Mayor Mapp gets most of his wishes

From the moment that Assemblyman Jerry Green made his remarks not long before voting began tonight in the Plainfield High School auditorium, it was abundantly clear, to me at least, that the City Council would uphold Adrian Mapp’s proposed cabinet. Green declared that “people are ready to come together” before referencing brutal fighting between Hillside’s Mayor and Council as “unacceptable.” The assemblyman went on to say that he would not tolerate “petty politics.” So, the word came down from above, and almost all on the agenda were approved unanimously by the City Council.


Corporation Council David Minchello and Adrian Mapp congratulate newly appointed City Administrator Rick Smiley


It wasn’t until the new items that any appointees motions were not unanimously approved, and they were also voted against by Mapp’s fellow New Democrat Cory Storch. By a margin of 1-5, Siddeeq El-Amin was never added to the agenda, a necessary step were he to be named Director of the Department of Public Affairs & Safety. Rebecca Williams was the lone “yes” vote and new Third Ward Councilwoman Gloria Taylor abstained. All council members voted the same way in the matter of Carl N. Riley as Police Director, resulting in a 1-5 decision and a failure to move the motion to the agenda. Bill Reid later voted not to move the appointment of Carlos Sanchez to the agenda as Deputy City Administrator in Charge of Economic Development, but voted with the unanimous council to appoint the Elizabeth resident for what Cory Storch described as a  sorely needed appointment.

Reid, Rivers named Chairman and President again

Early in the meeting, Rebecca Williams voted “no” for Bill Reid as chair – not surprisingly, as I already eluded to her lack of love for Mr Reid several weeks ago. This was the only vote against either Reid or Rivers.


State Senator Ray Lesniak swears in Fourth Ward Councilwoman Bridget Rivers


Abubakar “AJ” Jalloh received a warm response upon unsurprisingly being named City Clerk for another year.


The council was briefly split 4-3 over the budget for the next three months, but came to an agreement afterwards.

A late hiccup

As a full time worker with a demanding job, I sometimes have trouble staying late into the night. I left this reorganization meeting, which started at 6pm, shortly after 10pm. Apparently, after I and the vast majority of attendees left, concerned citizens expressed displeasure with the rejection of Siddeeq El-Amin as Public Safety Director. One such resident, New Democrat Carmencita Pile, vouched for both El-Amin and Carl Riley, who was rejected as Police Director. After recalling Riley’s helpfulness when her son was killed, she blasted certain City Council members who, according to her, do whatever Jerry Green wants. If you are wondering, Assemblyman Green had already left. That’s as far as I’ll go with hear say, as I was no longer there. I am not sure if PCTV was still filming, but if you can find one of the few that were still around towards the end, they can tell you more.

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