Decarcerate Plainfield

The United States is by far the largest incarcerator in the world, and perhaps in human history. Blacks and Latinos have bore the brunt of this now 30-year long offensive, which knows no geographical limits.

For about a year now, Decarcerate NJ has been hosting forums in New Jersey communities most effected by the absence of New Jersey’s residents who don’t live at home – the 32,000 people serving terms in prisons and held in county jails. As in every state, many are confined for non-violent drug related offenses or have yet to be convicted of anything at all. Plainfield View covered Decarcerate’s outreach event in New Brunswick this summer.

The crown jewel of Decarcerate NJ’s mobilizations was perhaps its large event on the steps of Newark City Hall, though last weekend’s Camden forum, featuring Plainfielder Nia Ali, received solid local media coverage.

Founder and CEO of the Camden Comeback Gary Frazier, left, speaks during the Decarcerate the Garden State panel discussion in Camden, Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015. Nia Ali, in black, looks on. (Stephanie Maksin | South Jersey Times)

Next stop, Plainfield.

According to a recent press release, Decarcerate NJ will co-host a forum at Plainfield Public Library on Thursday, February 24th, in conjunction with the Plainfield Chapter of the People’s Organization for Progress, anti-violence group Keeping Youth & Streets Safe, better known as KYSS, and this blog, Plainfield View.

“This fight is personal,” says KYSS co-founder Sabrina Lyttleton. “I’m raising a son in a society that is designed for him to fail. What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t fight for his rights?”

Decarcerate NJ’s goal, endorsed by both KYSS and Plainfield POP, is for a 50% reduction in New Jersey’s prison population through the release of non-violent offenders. Such action would bring immediate relief to thousands of inmates and their families – who often suffer nearly as much as the imprisoned – as well as human and financial resources to communities across the state.

The February 24th forum will begin at 6:00PM in the Anne Louise Davis room of the Plainfield Library. All are strongly encouraged to attend the free event, especially those who can bring young people.

For more information, please email Sabrina Lyttleton of KYSS at Attendees are welcome to RSVP using the event’s facebook page.

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