City Council Discusses Forensic Audit, CCTV (video)

There was an “emergency” on the train in Newark yesterday, so I didn’t arrive to the City Council meeting until around 8:15pm – right in the middle of the audit discussion but just in time for one of Councilman Bill Reid’s last performances. In this video Councilors Williams and Storch and Finance Director Ron West speak in favor of the forensic audit that Reid opposes.

Reid’s final act on the Council will be next Monday.

The governing body also questioned Police Director Carl Riley on the implementation of a CCTV system, which is expected to pass at the December 8th regular meeting.

I apologize for the suspect camera work and flat audio.


4 thoughts on “City Council Discusses Forensic Audit, CCTV (video)

  1. The nerve of Rebecca Williams. Does she not know anything about Robert’s Rules of Order? She should learn how to conduct herself with a little decorum as a city Councilwoman. If she wants to start leading by example, I suggest she begin by minding her own actions and choice of words.

    She lacked respect for Councilman Bill Reid when she said, “I can’t wait until December,” noting his end of term.

    She is so hung up positioning herself to become the next Mayor of Plainfield that she is willing to spend thousands of dollars at the taxpayer’s expense to promote herself as someone fighting for taxpayers. Pretty ironic and maddening.

    I suggest she start showing results.

    Why don’t we talk about the hiring of her girlfriend and the gross nepotism that exists in Plainfield?
    What is this all costing all of us?

    You want to talk about poor governance?

    Just look at the City of Plainfield.

    Just look at Rebecca Williams.

  2. “The hiring of my girlfriend”–lol. I have no idea what “fake” Yvonne is talking about–I have absolutely no girlfriends, boyfriends, children, parents, grandparents, step-siblings, or anyone else related to me working for the city of Plainfield, for the PMUA, or for any agency of the city in any capacity. This blogging troll is trying to suggest some sort of romantic attachment between me and some city worker?? Ridiculous. A lie. Funniest thing I have read all day–especially from a fake identity. I guess Jerry Green can’t find anyone brave enough to attack using her own name.

    Interesting that the troll isn’t investigating the current and past romantic attachments of other council members, instead of making up stuff about me. David, you know that it is easy to research the IP address of these trolls–I have a friend who can do this. I will find out who created this fake email account–trust me–it’s someone “very close to home”–exposing this troll as one of Jerry Green’s minions will be my pleasure. I expect that there will be many others. They need to take several seats. Unbelievable.

    Regarding Bill Reid’s departure from the council…I guess this fake commenter chooses to willfully ignore what went on earlier in the meeting, when Reid continually interrupted me and wouldn’t let me finish my statements–I didn’t hear a word from my colleagues calling out his rudeness–not a word. Never a word, and it has happened at many meetings–I look forward to a new year.


  3. A forensic novel!!!??? I remember a few years ago the then President lambasted me about supporting the request of the citizen former BOE member in his repeated request for such a thing….and was told I should be ashamed of myself for NOT understanding the process and that such a procedure was not legal. LOL my time was up so I couldn’t reply… But as God always reveals the truth of a matter…here we have it!!!

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