Photos: Asbury Park protests the murder of George Floyd

On Monday evening, I again took part in the nearest demonstration against the murders of George Floyd and so many others – this time in Asbury Park. You can see my photos from Saturday’s Newark demonstration here. The Asbury Park were largely peaceful when I was there, but escalated after nightfall – link here. You can find my pictures below.

We are clearly in different times and this is a different sort of movement than we’ve seen over the past decade. There hasn’t been a moment during my lifetime when you could gather at least 4,000 people in a small city like Asbury Park, NJ. There were years where you’d struggle to attract such a crowd in Newark, or Harlem, or Brooklyn.

This movement will not stop in the near future. And it shouldn’t. A peoples’ uprising is long overdue.

Plainfield’s protest and march will take place on Saturday. More details to follow.



The demonstration started near the Post Office and municipal complex.



I tried to get an aerial photo of the entire crowd during the march, but the length of the march made it impossible. Also, many participants – perhaps over 1,000 – stayed near the municipal complex where the demonstration and march began.



We marched through Neptune before returning to Asbury Park and heading to the beach.

I posted a little video on Instagram.


Back at City Hall, a lot of protesters who didn’t march, or who decided not to march quite as far (me included), continued to hold a rally.


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