Entering a New World

I haven’t posted very much lately, particularly after the elections. It’s coming back, there have just been some distractions as of late. No, I haven’t been enjoying the beautiful summer weather – well OK, Saturday I did spend the day on the beach in Asbury Park – but in general, my lapse is due to a job change effective today. Leading up to this switch, I had a lot of decisions to make, people to contact, and a large project to finish before my departure from my last office in Hillsborough. It was also a good opportunity to take the time to reorganize myself.

Starting today, I will give up my 35 minute drive to join the many of us who commute via public transportation into New York each work day. The blog will continue with posts at the frequency you are used to.

In fact, this evening I will begin to regularly update my Instagram page @plainfieldview (www.instagram.com/plainfieldview). You can view it without signing up for Instagram. The Week in Photos series has been very popular, and while these compilations will continue, I will also load photos onto the instagram page regularly as they are taken, along with occasional pictures that I’ve taken in the past, before Plainfield View. Of course, there will be memes!

Commuting and instagram – two new worlds I suppose.

4 thoughts on “Entering a New World

  1. Hope the new job is great. Working in NY is not so bad. Great things to do after work, and soon, you will have a one seat ride! Looking forward to the blog, and congrats on the new job.

  2. I enjoy your reports. I moved from Plainfield in 2011. I now live in Apex,NC SE of of Durham , NC. Keep up the great work. I lived on Kenyon Ave.

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