#StopPoliceTerror protests in Newark, New York

Yesterday I participated in demonstrations in both Newark and New York City in response to police murder of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Saint Paul, Minnesota. I’d guess that at least 4,000 people participated in the New York march at its peak, and there may have been more at the Union Square Rally.

I’ll spare you all an angry rant – pictures say thousands of words.



Protesters in Newark shut down the intersection of Market Street and McCarter Highway yesterday afternoon.





By about 6:30 the front march – which started at Union Square – was at Herald Square, in midtown.


One of the march’s leaders. Too often the leading organization does not get credit – this time it was the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, who also lead the charge against stop and frisk policies in New York.


Headed west on 40th Street.



Police threatened to arrest anyone who attempted to block the West Side Highway. We’d head up to Time Square instead.


This woman had words for the black officers.



Entertainer Nick Cannon joined the march briefly, but attracted so much attention that he couldn’t stay.


Headed towards Time Square.



I shouldn’t have to tell you what he was saying.



Up Sixth avenue.



Some drivers, like this cabbie, showed solidarity with us as they sat in traffic.



News channel Rede Bandeirantes, of Brazil.


Police blocked 76th Street at 5th Avenue and dared marchers to cross the line. A few got arrested in doing so and the march moved northward. After over two hours, at around 8:45, I left the group at 86th Street. Apparently the protests continued until midnight, when arrests were still being made at Time Square.

3 thoughts on “#StopPoliceTerror protests in Newark, New York

  1. Appreciate all you do!!! For your time and energy used to bring us to the front line of all the action, I thank you. Often, one feels isolated – divorced from the pulse of what’s happening. Your blog brings the mix front n center. Ur pics demonstrate, we the people are no longer going to passively wait to be picked off n die. Power to the People

  2. So proud of our young people…if only they could be as diligent in stopping our young black boys from killing each other. Perhaps our do-nothing politicians wil finally do more for their constituents by addressing the drugs, poverty, and poor education that has afflicted our community (under their
    watch) for far too long. Thank You David for ALL you do. Plainfield is so lucky to have you. Keep up the good work. BTW, when are you going to run for City Council?

  3. Thank you for your courage to stand up for Justice, your commitment to making a change in the face of adversity and the detailed coverage of this event. Your dedication to the community, especially the black community, is an apparent display of the content of your character. Your are indeed one of the “Jewels” of our community.

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