Last day for $25 YMCA

Frustrating internet speed issues continue, and have combined with an aging computer and some awful bad luck to continue to delay my release of video from Plainfield’s Tuesday discussion of mass incarceration. I’ll stop promising release dates, but according to Youtube it will be online tonight. Take that with a grain of salt. I’m just hoping all is back to normal by tomorrow.

One thing is guaranteed to end on Saturday, the Plainfield Area YMCA’s incredible $25 per month deal in recognition of National Heart Health Month. Memberships usually run $42 monthly for individuals between 18 and 61 years of age. The $25 reduced rate is lower than the cost for seniors ($30) and college students ($30), and lasts the entire length of the membership. Compare with other rates here.

If you are on the fence about joining the Y, this may push you over the edge.


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