Gloria Taylor appointed to 3rd Ward City Council seat

It took a while for the meeting to start, as the council was in executive session until after 8:00, but once it began Gloria Taylor was rather quickly appointed to fill in for recently resigned Mayor-elect Adrian Mapp. Mrs. Taylor is a retired principal and the widow of Rick Taylor, who served as Mayor from 1984 until 1989.

DSC01289 - Version 2

Councilor Rebecca Williams and potential appointee Don Davis in the moments between Veronica Taylor receiving just two votes and Gloria Taylor’s appointment

The first of the three appointees considered by the council was New Democrat Veronica Taylor, who only received votes from fellow New Democrats Cory Storch and Rebecca Williams. Next up was Gloria Taylor who was voted “yes” by everyone except Councilwoman Williams. Because of the latter Taylor’s five votes, no motion was put forward for the third potential appointee, Don Davis, who served as third ward Councilman from 2005 until 2008.

DSC01320 - Version 2

John Campbell, Veronica ‘Roni’ Taylor and another observer at the special City Council meeting

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