Charles McRae Announces Third Ward City Council Candidature (with video)

I strolled into today’s Cedarbook Block Association meeting about Muhlenberg at 7:35, thinking that I could prop up two cameras relatively close to the action, set up my microphone a few feet from those talking, and just hang out. You can imagine my surprise when I arrived and saw a much smaller, narrower room than I imagined packed with people, forcing me to sit in the back.

The unforeseen didn’t end there. We learned that Charles McRae, not Roni Taylor, will be Rebeccca Williams’ running mate from the Third Ward.


Councilor Rebecca Williams, Economic Development Administrator Carlos Sanchez, Mayor Adrian Mapp, and soon-to-be candidate Charles McRae share a laugh

My surprise didn’t compare to that of McRae’s future opposing candidate, Gloria Taylor. By the time Mr. McRae spoke, Gloria Taylor had already delivered a speech about Plainfield and working together with only relatively mild electoral undertones – making it pretty clear that she intended to run for the seat she now holds and expressing disagreement with the Mayor on residency waivers. McRae’s speech was somewhat more direct – watch it below. The unexpected political announcement at a seemingly non-partisan event prompted Mrs. Taylor to tell those in the crowd that she’d been “snuck”.

Considering the crowded, back of the room circumstances, this video will have to do.

One thought on “Charles McRae Announces Third Ward City Council Candidature (with video)

  1. “snuck” …much like the people in Plainfield who thought she’d be interested in their welfare over that of the bloated fat cats making bank off the PMUA … but I’m sure her point of view is different than the rest of the city’s when plugged into the political gravy train ..

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