How far would you travel for love?

Reblogging this great love story by Plainfield’s MC Enigma today!

Bishop's Travels

I never planned on releasing this project or even telling this story.  It was an intimate gift forged in the hopes of rekindling the flames of a past love.  I am opening up, becoming vulnerable and sharing my experience. 

Thank you for your time,
– Lyle

written by mc enigma of Negros Americanos

We’d initially met in Newark Penn Station through a mutual friend, playing matchmaker.  Up to that point, I’d only known she was Ethiopian and a fan of the Pharcyde.  When we first met on the PATH platform, I was instantly enamored.  Eyes so pure and beautiful that they could pacify the fiery heart of any warlord and a smile that was a blessing to behold, all packed into her petite frame no taller than a broomstick.

She extended her hand politely and I smacked it out of the way and hugged her.  We laughed.

The night…

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