The week in photos (4/18 – 4/26)

DSC07597 2

On Good Friday, I filmed a music video with Plainfield Hip Hop duo Negros Americanos and rapper J-Read around and under an exit ramp of the Pulaski Skyway. All landed safely.


I don’t know how legal this is, but I bumped into boxing at Union Square this past Saturday. The guy landing the punch is 52 years old and thoroughly defeated his much younger opponent, all while wearing non-athletic shorts with a cell phone clipped to his belt. I can only hope to be in such great shape at 52 (or now for that matter).

DSC07871 2

At Hugo’s in Plainfield, Negros Americanos threw a scholarship benefit last Friday. Perhaps the most energetic performer, Jersey City Reggae artist Zilla did not disappoint.


Carlos Sanchez speaks at Liberty Village in front of Jerry Green, apparently before the Assemblyman grew impatient.

IMG_6868 - Version 3

MC Enigma of Negros Americanos interacts with the crowd at Hugo’s.


The lovely and talented Danielle Watson performs at Hugo’s.


“Regular Guy” Bishop the Eastside Nappyhead of Negros Americanos at Hugo’s.

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