Jerry Green responds on Muhlenberg (video)

Jerry Green responds here to allegations in a Dan Damon blog post while pledging to be involved in moving forward.

It appears that we’re in luck, Plainfield. Just as we got worried about losing Muhlenberg Hospital, Jerry Green tonight promised to put his full efforts and resources to our benefit. Right in time.

5 thoughts on “Jerry Green responds on Muhlenberg (video)

  1. No one should discount the importance of bringing in “people who are in the industry…to come here and help us.” So Monday’s announcement by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer of a $100 Billion merger with Britain’s Astra Zeneca is good news for the Muhlenberg effort. That’s where the money is, and that’s where the expertise is. It’s where bigtime business consultants say there’s a need for vertical integration; i.e. from the research lab direct to the patient. A few core specialties, somewhat unique to the NJ health scene yet important to the community well-being, can get the backing of these Pharma giants and the partnerships this city needs both in the short run and the long run too. Collaborative efforts win NIH research grants. My idea is a core specialty revolving around Chronic Kidney Disease, but other good ones have been mentioned all throughout the three Muhlenberg meetings With the right components it can be done. A medical museum would make it even more special. Tuesday’s announcement by Jerry is also good news if it can move the process forward, because the time is now.

  2. Why does Jerry Green have to be so combative with members of the community.
    and so self-promoting… and
    We’ll see how much involvement and resources he shares with the citizens of Plainfield

  3. JC, Jerry Green has ALWAYS been combative and arrogant, this is nothing new, especially if you disagree or question him. Funny that he is now jumping on the bandwagon to save Muhlenberg. Think back to when it first closed, he was proposing to put the middle school (the plan to put it on S.2nd St fell through) there. In 1999, when my husband was battling cancer, I spent a LOT of time there. Whole wings had already been closed, nurses were fleeing like rats on a sinking ship to avoid the rush, those that were still there were picking up the slack with 12-16 hour shifts. The head of dietary ( a friend of mine) at JFK was moved into an office in Muhlenberg to “transition things over to JFK”. Not to speak ill of the dead, Mayor Al McWilliams was on the Board of Muhlenberg, so he knew what was going on. Think of the relationship he had with Jerry Green, who NOW wants to act like he’s on our side. IF the public knbew in 1999 what was going on, it may have been saved. All I’m saying is, keep your eyes open and watch your back.

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