Op-Ed: Weekend at Jerry’s


Remember that 1989 movie “Weekend at Bernie’s?” If you don’t know, it’s a comedy about two young men who pass a dead man off as still living. The man, motionless and obviously not conscious, parties all weekend in the Hamptons with the two men and a host of women as they pass him off as aware.

In Plainfield, a similar, laughable drama takes place on the electoral scene. Jerry Green and his Democratic machine are trying to pass off unsuitable candidates as competent – candidates who they had no business even running. While Bernie couldn’t move, these candidates can barely convey a coherent thought. I’m not one to write this way about candidates just because I am running against them – these are really that bad. Just watch the debates for yourself.

It’s up to Mr. Green and his loyal surrogates to try their best to pull off this maneuver and prop up the utterly pathetic. How bad they are is of no consequence since Jerry Green and his people don’t have any shame. They never have.

What escapes a lot of people, though, is that Jerry’s surrogates are worse than he is. You see, just about everyone that finds themselves in Jerry’s camp right now have all been slighted or done wrong by him, often in a major way. Some have even outright challenged him electorally themselves, which included showing Mr. Green as a negative force in Plainfield. They all came running right back. That’s called shamelessness (running back to Mr. Green) on top of shamelessness (supporting his inept candidates), and it’s pathetic.

Politics is politics, but this time they have gone too far. They are playing irresponsibly with the Board of Education and our children to achieve control for the sake of control. I don’t know how these people can live with themselves.

But then again, I’m not shameless.

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