The Pemberton Avenue Bridge is open

You are not supposed to make non-essential trips outside of your home due to COVID-19, which has infected over 100 people in Plainfield. But if you do have to get to the grocery store or the pharmacy – or to work if you are an essential employee – you can now use the Pemberton Avenue Bridge again. Road blocks were removed on Friday, April 3.

The bridge, in county-owned and operated Cedar Brook Park, was expected to be complete in March back when construction began around Halloween. The pandemic didn’t push it back much, only having missed that mark by a few of days.





One thought on “The Pemberton Avenue Bridge is open

  1. Do you think they could have moved and slower. It’s sad how our work force is today there is no reason it should have taken that long. Almost as bad as Metler’s Lane and how long that took. Putting projects out too bid gets you what you pay for! At least the “bridge looks good”! But we must do better!

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