Plainfield Anti-Violence Coalition to Honor Dr. King Wednesday

On Wednesday, April 4th, the Plainfield Anti-Violence Coalition will honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Wednesday is the 50th anniversary of King’s assassination at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.


The Plainfield Anti-Violence Coalition in August commemorated the city’s 1967 rebellion.

“We must keep King’s vision of economic justice, fair and decent housing, and social justice alive,” said Coalition Chairman Norman Deen Muhammad.

The memorial will take place at 6:30pm on April 4th at the corner of Plainfield Avenue and West Fourth Street.

Contact with any questions.


One thought on “Plainfield Anti-Violence Coalition to Honor Dr. King Wednesday

  1. this YES I and the 1st ward councilwoman Diane Toliver as many of you may at all times support the anti violence coalition we a have been with this great group that play a major part in our city to try to lend aid to the ones that truly we have many in Plainfield nj that so many in our seemly ruling body complete forget until it is a voting time, and YES THIS GO FOR THE SENIORS FOR SURE I CAN TRULY SPEAK TO THIS AS I MAYBE OLDER THE MANY OF THEM this is why we need a major group like the anti violence Coaition that well be here to help everyone without the pump and ceremonious time only when the moment fit them..This day 4/4/18 at 630pm this is a day if you can do not miss it will be a day to reflect our races of all American our great leaders that we don’t seemly have now and some how we are not given many school Asignment to study America great leaders THE GREAT[ MARTIN L KING] the HON;Elijah Mohammed’ and so many more. but this day 4/4 Each year MARTIN L.KING. we must not forget! but let go back to what we have now in plfld nj [the A.V.C. I am sorry I will have to miss this day this past Sunday I had a very bad fall and BROK a bone in my leg painful YES!!! OUR 1ST WARD City CouncilWoman DIANE TOLIVER my wife. will try to make it to this gathering [after she have done all she can to help the helpless SENIOR ME] and close her business for the day!!!! if she don’t make it I know many people that will be there that know her and her feelings REGARDING ALL PEOPLE IN HER CITY and what she have done to help everyone THAT IS IN NEED and her feelings as to HOW OUR GOD WOULD A SERVENT OF THE PEOPLE to respond and reach out to help someone. yes she may have someone that may speak for her and her feelings regarding this great day [M.L.K. to never forget. nor the work that OUR anti-violence Coalition p[.s I will be not driving for 3 weeks I am already going nuts having to stay home

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