Reverend Tracey Brown to host Thursday conversation

According to a press release, Reverend Tracey Brown will host a community discussion tonight about violence and how to move forward in improving the city. There were twelve murders in Plainfield last year, and four in December – just last month. In January one person has already been killed. Other quality of life issues will be discussed as well.

The meeting, promoted as a “conversation”, follows on the heels of the mayor’s town hall which, according to the press release, left many unanswered questions and whose disconnected organizers angered attendees.

“The public deserves answers, solutions and strategies…” said Reverend Brown in the release. “Empathy for the families should be first as we rally around them. We should not be talking about empty development plans while our young people are dying in the streets. Although economic development in the city is important, without the people’s involvement – empty buildings are pointless … Let’s restore Plainfield to its glory days for the sake of everyone in the community, not just a few.”

This conversation will take place at Gumbo House & Grill at 631 Park Avenue at 6pm tonight – Thursday, January 19th. For more information, please call (908) 397-2055.


One thought on “Reverend Tracey Brown to host Thursday conversation

  1. Tracey Brown has proven to follow Jerry Green who has been and is a disaster for Plainfield. Rev. before your name doesn’t automatically make the person trustworthy. I think we need to keep this in mind as we vote.

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