Cindelle Harris offers discounted resumes, cover letters

A professional resume and cover can make all the difference for job seekers – but it’s not cheap. It costs around $250 for both documents.

Plainfield resident and writer Cindelle Harris, who also founded Book Club Madu (website and story), wants to make it easier for members of her community to have an upper hand in their job searches.



“I realized how important my work is to the people who live right next door to me, and not just folks who are willing to hire a professional to get their things in order,” says Harris, whose growing company offers grant writing, book publishing, content editing, translation, along with a host of other services. Visit the website here.

During the month of January, she will charge a discounted, unadvertised rate to people in Plainfield – only $40 for resumes and $30 for cover letters. That means those who have “new job” at the top of their 2017 list can get off to a better start. If interested, email

As the year progresses, Cindelle will offer more monthly specials to people in town. I’ll make sure to let you know about them.

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