Lost in the Wilderness Documentary

Bixop, one half of hip hop due Negros Americanos, now lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he is fully immersed in the city’s hip hop scene.

But long before that, he and MC Enigma – inspired by experiences here in their native Plainfield – embarked on a voyage to Panama, in late 2010.

Their year in Central America resulted first in a lot of music and an altered world view, and ultimately in the newly released documentary, Lost in the Wilderness, which premiered in Brooklyn on September 28th following an August showing in Sao Paulo.

This twenty-five minute story is one about community, race, music, colorism, poverty, and yes – about Plainfield.

It features Plainfield People’s Organization for Progress chairman Steven Hatcher, Angels for Action founder Carmen Salavarrieta, Former Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, and other residents and community members. I even shot the interview footage in my living room, before it was destroyed by a fire.

So make some time for Lost in the Wilderness. You’ll enjoy it.

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