Lay of the Land (2016 City Council Primary)

Pages could be written analyzing the Democratic primary results in Tuesday’s At-Large City Council race between Councilwoman Reverend Tracey Brown and Councilwoman Rebecca Williams. But I’ll let you interpret the lay of the land on your own, as it relates to local politics.

Take a look at the map below, or click here for a larger version. The winner and vote differential in each district is both color coded and written on the map. These reflect the latest unofficial results, which put Williams at 3,114 votes, and Brown at 2,963 – a citywide margin of 151 votes.


9 thoughts on “Lay of the Land (2016 City Council Primary)

  1. Next year is the mayoral election and Tracey Brown received almost 3000 votes and last time mayor Mapp ran for Mayor he received about 2800 votes. That map tells me that Rev. Brown can win 2 districts in the second ward like she did last week she can be become Mayor. G.O.T.V is the key. 2017

    • Norman, according to the Union County Election results – Mapp got over 5,000 votes. The number below came directly from the UC Elections website.

      Plainfield Mayor

      Dem –
      Adrian O. MAPP 5,234

      • In the June Primary Mapp beat Robinson-Briggs 2,793 to 1,756. I think those are the results Norman means.

        Because of the contested Presidential primary this year, it’s hard to cross compare numbers to mayoral elections of the past or project to the future, in my opinion.

  2. It’s true that this map could be interpreted in various ways. Even though Rev. Brown lives almost at the Fanwood border in the East End, her church and most likely a major part of her constituency is in the Fourth Ward. Rebecca Williams is currently representing the Second & Third Wards at-large and has a large constituency there. They both campaigned citywide, but perhaps these constituencies played a role in the outcome. Anyway, it is a great graphic and if I may say so, reminds me of your mother’s and grandmother’s expertise in campaign analysis.

  3. We can also look at it like this, Brown ran against Williams not Mapp. She also ran for a council seat not mayor. The race for the mayor seat shouldn’t be based on a popularity contest but on absolute qualifications. Unfortunately Browns’ political achievements won’t hold a candle to Mapps. Norman X as usual you are reaching.

  4. David you always give your best. This is an excellent graphic on the election results. Thank you for giving us a clear view of the numbers.

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