For the Field 2016 (photos, video)

Last week, MC Enigma of hip hop duo Negros Americanos held his annual Emagin Book Scholarship fundraiser at Hugo’s Lounge, in Plainfield. Proceeds will go towards the freshman year book expenses for graduating Plainfield High School seniors.

This was the third time Hugo’s has graciously offered its location for the show. Click here to see photographer Joey Fresco’s wonderful images of the night.

“Tons of people from the community came through to donate,” said MC Enigma. “It made me proud to be from the Field and see the power of community when it comes to giving the next generation support. We even had Board of Ed members David Rutherford, John Campbell, and Wilma Campbell come through and support.”

“Too much bad press about Plainfield leads,” he reflected. “It was beautiful to see the community come out.”

The event was hosted by New Brunswick activist and photographer Kaila Boulware, and featured performances from spoken word artists Quwan Brandon, Assassin, and Jesslyn Blue, blues singer Madame Hunte, comedian Angel Crews, reggae artist Zilla, and hip hop artists J Read, Kosan, True Lies – and of course Negros Americanos.


See the video below.


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