Shamin’ Damon; Pure Patronage

There’s something Dan Damon didn’t tell you about.

Dan Damon. Plainfield Today. This city’s undisputed King of Fabrication. The blog that speculates like the National Enquirer with the tastefulness of Donald Trump. The man who draws conclusions from links weaker than a Canal Street necklace.

He recently implied that Plainfield “BOE members” could be collaborators with – not victims of – alleged fraud by one of its many vendors. Accusation and misinformation, under the guise of opinion.

Apparently the man who makes mountains out of molehills makes molehills out of mountains, too.

Because when his partner was rewarded as head of IT for the City of Plainfield, Dan Damon made not a peep. Neither did anyone else. That’s par for the course in Mayor Mapp’s circle of enablers.

Take a look, the same group who ridiculed political patronage mills of the past is building an impressive factory of their own, all while repeating promises to employ the best and the brightest to the most important appointments. A political contributor with close ties to developer Frank Cretella, John Stewart, as Chief of Staff – against the wishes of the City Council. Political lackey Rick Smiley – who even Mapp’s most ardent supporters refuse to defend – in the crucial role of city Administrator. I could go on, if you dare me, but I’d rather not. That’s not the point of this piece.

Plus, perhaps patronage is a political necessity for a Mayor. I can’t imagine how it is to be in charge of a city of over 50,000. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, if only for a moment.

What I still can’t understand is anyone’s continued support of Dan Damon.

Mr Damon is the person the Mayor Mapp turns to with the inside scoop on city happenings. He’s appointed Mr Damon to the Library Board, and the charter commission. He was chair of Mayor Mapp’s transition team. When the mayor wants to immorally release private text messages, they go to none other than Mr Damon. Last month, candidates interested in running as Democrats for city council had to pass through Dan – Mapp appointed him to the screening committee. Damon’s partner is now Plainfield’s head of IT. If anyone is Adrian Mapp’s right hand man, it’s Dan Damon.

All this despite Damon’s utter lack of good citizenship. He has zero credibility outside of a small, delusional group of supporters. Most of us couldn’t live with ourselves if we wrote a blog like Dan’s. If we regularly made tasteless posts, like one ridiculing the sexuality of politicians – with no proof, of course. If we told outright lies, all the time. It’s not a matter of Dan’s “opinion” – he intentionally lies. He misleads people.

And then there’s his legal issues, most recently being arrested for having sex with a person fifty years his junior in clear view of residents, on West Fourth Street in Plainfield. This was not his first such offense, and his choice of the most densely populated parts of our city showed his contempt for those who live there.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know such acts would be the end of my community involvement for a long while. I’d be ashamed, embarrassed. But even this disrespect for our community, our commercial district, and our families is no big deal to the Mapp circle, who welcomed Dan back to public events almost immediately following his high profile incident.

“It’s his personal life,” I’ve heard some of them say. “I can’t condone it, but it was consensual.” They fought hard to keep Damon on the Library Board after his transgressions.

Perhaps it would be more offensive to them had it occurred in their neighborhood, on their street, in front of their home. Or maybe not. Maybe their defense of Mr Damon is only skin deep, if you get my drift. One thing is for sure. This privilege – this cloak of invincibility for all the damage he does in Plainfield – would not be afforded to everyone, everywhere.

Despite being Dan Damon, he behaves as if he is a moral barometer in this community, taking any and everyone to task for anything, real or imagined. Perhaps Mr Damon ought to take a look in the mirror. Adrian Mapp, too.


11 thoughts on “Shamin’ Damon; Pure Patronage

  1. Wow
    Tell the truth; he needs a biggggg
    I applaud you for speaking out
    Some of us do hear you
    Be blessed and continue to enlighten us

  2. David, thank you for speaking your truth. A man in the mirror is always given an opportunity to change his ways whether he takes advantage of it or not. Just as a man who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones and then hide his hand. There is the principle of sowing and reaping. Therefore, when the reaping begins and it’s not pleasant, don’t pray for a crop failure.

    I shout it to the high heavens, keep speaking your truth because it is just that…TRUTH!!!

  3. Well said. I’d sue him for the outrageous rantings he’s put forth against BOE members! Unreal, quite sad actually.

  4. I am one he’s LIED about/on. He told of a story while I as a member of the community attened Mayor Mapps can drive barbeque this past summer.
    He was not present while I with 3 clients were there. Mapps personal City photographer took a picture depicting me with a plate with meat. Now what I eat is my business but in this case Dan made it his, INACCURATELY!!!!
    The same said photographer (running for BOE seat) provided, this known public solicitor for sex with boys (to him), a photo she took of me with the 3 clients in the background (one being spanish). The City worker who’s now running for a BOE seat informed me she personally provided him (Dan Damon) with that and ALL photos she takes for the city.
    Parents beware. A picture taking during a City event will surely land in the hands of the and only….Dan Damon.
    David, you hit the nail on the head with this one. Thanks for writing with honesty.

  5. Dan and the team of road kill he trolls around town with including the out of touch youth recreation program “Wrecker” Ronnie.,that dinosaur IT director,Nat, has not worked in technology since the days of main frames,(1990’s lingo) cuckoo Carmencita ,roguish Ron, yes lackey Smiley and the rest of his democratic committee flunkies all need to go. Ronnie needs to take that whistle she blows and give Dan and their entire team a “time out” permanently. The City passed a referendum last year to increase taxes for the benefit of the recreation department . This year all of Ronnie’s/Rebecca/’sMapp’s/Damon’s friends are tripping over each others feet getting paid for failed youth programs .One or two kids, not enough to even form teams? That’s Crazy .That’s the Mapp/Damon way. . While we are talking about trash can we take that smiling hyena Mapp and delete his picture from all city material. Team Mapp/Damon wallow in dirt and slime in the gutter– in the trash– that’s their comfort zone.They are at the curb push that button ,CRUNCH.. oh yeah, You did that.ha,ha,ha

  6. Kudos to you David for standing up for what is right and defending those who’ve been on the receiving end of this blatant racism. I’ve seen Dam Damon liken people to Nazis, thiefs, thugs in his display of complete and utter disrespect for this community and its inhabitants.

    I have always read Plaintalker and Plainfield today as part of my daily routine. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I take everyone that Dan Damon says with a grain of salt. I initially thought it was clever of the Mayor to position Dan Damon as some sort of unofficial chief information officer/campaign spokesperson, seems however to be causing him more harm than good

  7. After reading Dave Rutherford’s blog, I’m glad to see that we finally have a young intelligent voice in Government who can see through the nonsense that has been going on for years; where the Mayor uses Dan Damon to destroy people’s reputation and put out false rumors. I agree with David Rutherford one hundred percent. Its’ embarrassing that last year when this issue was brought up, the mayor defended Dan Damon when it was proven that he was having sex in the public open view. He has a reputation of taking advantage of young black and Latino men. It’s time now for the rest of the public to get behind David Rutherford because it’s obvious that the Mayor is going to try to damage/destroy his reputation. WAKE UP PLAINFIELD! WAKE UP! Congratulations David for standing up. Now, let’s see what the public will do when it comes to getting rid of Dan and Mayor Mapp!

  8. Shame on Dan Damon for perpetuating such garbage for so long. I however guess we are also blame for allowing it to happen for so long. Thank you, David. Long overdue.

  9. Dan knows the resume information is unavailable for public access, he should post the link to his partners resume on his blog to prove that he’s qualified (the best and the brightest). Rumor has it, he’s already messed up the computers.

  10. I enjoy your posts – particularly your photography skills. I must admit your tone caught me off guard but I read all the blogs (including Dan Damon’s occasionally) so I do see where you are coming from. Reminded me of one of those moments where someone says what everyone else is thinking.

  11. Talk about hitting the nail on the head. I thought I was reading into his style/content a bit too much but it’s so obvious lately that the ‘National Inquirer’ parallel couldn’t be more fitting.

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