Black Panthers doc airing on PBS; streaming online

Stanley Nelson’s critically acclaimed Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution documentary, released this past September in only select theaters, is at last available to the public – and at no cost.

If you missed Tuesday evening’s broadcast premier on PBS Thirteen, the film will re-air Saturday, February 20th at 2pm.

But there’s a more convenient option. Vanguard can be streamed in its entirety here, on PBS’s own website, until March 18th.

At that point, it will still be available for purchase through Amazon on DVD or Blu-ray, iTunes as a download, as well as other retailers.

Nelson’s documentary is by no means a comprehensive look at the Black Panther Party. Notably absent is any refence to socialism, a central tenet of its world view and the reason for which the Panthers found so many allies abroad. Vanguard also doesn’t adequately show the domestic and international conditions in which the BPP existed – and whose erosion contributed heavily to the party’s demise. For the full story of the Black Panther Party, I suggest you read Black Against Empire by Joshua Bloom and Waldo Martin.

Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution is nonetheless a well-made and informative film that I strongly recommend. See the trailer below.

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