Saturday Academy at Plainfield High School

There’s bad news. You may have missed week one. The good news is that you have seven more chances to make it.

Starting on February 6, the Plainfield Public Schools began to invite volunteers from the community to teach classes Plainfield High School on Saturday mornings between 10am and noon, hours where the building is already open. Saturday Academy, as it is called, will conclude on March 26.


A volunteer teaches a class this past Saturday, February 6 (Gloria Montealegre)

Courses include art, careers and college preparation, dance, English, Spanish, health, typing, recreational reading, poetry, and how to use a microscope. All are open to parents and children, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult – though both are able to take separate classes.

The flyer is available in English and Spanish.

On February 13 and 27 as well as March 12 and 19, Stephanie Barnes of Prudential will host a financial education series. Click here for that flyer.

Among community volunteers are a retired Rutgers Professor, a health professional, Union County College Students, Plainfield substitute teachers, and others.


A dance class on opening day, February 6 (Gloria Montealegre)

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