Phu Quoc, roadside

I’ve returned from my trip to Vietnam, but there are some photos from Phu Quoc that I promised to share. On a two-hour bike ride on Thursday, my last day on the island, I was impressed by the variety in the dwellings,  businesses, and other buildings that you find roadside. Here are the photos in the order they were taken.

Except for the cows. Cows grazing in a roadside landfill is probably the most incredible thing I’ve ever came across, so they go first.

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Not the milk you’d like to drink.


It smelled pretty awful.


I noticed this small store when I needed a drink of water.


Here is the inside of the store.



There was a really big celebration here. It seemed family oriented, perhaps a wedding.


This was a go-cart rental business.

Something to do with lumber…



4 thoughts on “Phu Quoc, roadside

  1. Your travels are very interesting David. I love it…
    some of your photos in Phu Quoc remind me of areas (even today) in the Deep South
    Where to next?

  2. You are one brave and adventurous dude, traveling to Vietnam solo. How exciting and thanks for sharing your pictures.

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