Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay is a group of islands of the Quan Ninh Province of northern Vietnam, about 110 miles easy of Hanoi. If you’re in the area, it’s considered a must see, even if only for a day trip. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and has achieved a “wonders of the world” type of status.

That means a lot of people go there, and there are apparently hundreds of companies operating in the area to bring you to Ha Long Bay. It can  be a bit crowded when you are visiting the caves, or boarding your boat. Having a good, engaging tour guide like Vin from Watitravel helped to make my trip to Halong Bay today special nonetheless. Here are my photos.


2 thoughts on “Ha Long Bay

  1. as a loyal product of Plainfield, I’m very happy you are able to have such an experience…be sure to share with the young PLFD folk so they can dream of going to such places as well :-). Chris Cathcart

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