Superintendent addresses robocall (video)

Earlier this month, Mayor Adrian Mapp made a city-wide robocall singling out the School Superintendent for her postponement of the Youth Summit – or her “cancellation”, according to the recorded voice. The November 13th Summit had been a joint-venture between the City of Plainfield and the Board of Education.

During the public comment session of last night’s City Council Special Meeting, Superintendent Anna Belin-Pyles explained her reason for postponing the event – largely the implementation of an abrupt change from block to period scheduling at the start of a new marking period. She speaks for around nine minutes.

Later, Councilwoman Gloria Taylor expressed her opinion on the city using its notification system to come after the school district as well as questioning the legality of what Belin-Pyles referred to as libel. I apologize for missing some of Taylor’s comments due to technical issues.

Board of Education President Wilma Campbell, Councilman Cory Storch, and Mayor Adrian Mapp also weighed in, the latter after being put on the spot by Councilwoman Taylor.

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