Election results are in!

Per Bernice Paglia’s Plaintalker II, the unofficial results are in from yesterday’s City Council and Board of Education Races.

Board of Education (three seats – winners in bold)

John Campbell, Sr. – 1,711

Emily Morgan – 1,696

Richard Wyatt – 1,538

Jackie Coley – 1,197

Second Ward City Council

Cory Storch – 909

John Campbell, Jr – 558

First and Forth Ward City Council At Large

Barry Goode – 993

Norman Ortega – 310

I would like to congratulate all winners on their victories. Running in a race is not easy, nor will be your service of the people. Picnic cancellation notwithstanding, I was proud of all involved for running perhaps the cleanest election cycle in recent memory, particularly as it relates to campaign literature. Candidates stuck to their platforms, vision, and what they brought to the table.

I look forward to continuing my service on the Board of Education with Richard Wyatt, John Campbell, and Emily Morgan, and I appreciate my time on the Board with Jackie Coley. Your passion for our school district is indomitable, and I hope to see you run again.

One thought on “Election results are in!

  1. David, I hope you don’t choke on the “Campbell Sloppy Soup” being dished out. I have/had a lot
    of faith in you. You are a very smart young man. I know politics makes for strange bedfellows,
    but don’t pull the covers over your head.

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