First Ward Family Fun Day (photos)

On Saturday the City of Plainfield and the City Council sponsored the First Ward Family Fun Day through the Division of Parks and Recreation. The event, at Milt Campbell Field, was hosted by First Ward Councilwoman Diane Toliver and Councilwoman At-Large Tracey Brown.



As you’d expect, Beverly Calland ‘s face painting was popular


Mayor Adrian Mapp and his wife Amelia speak with a resident


Victor Webb and Public Works Superintendent John Louise on the grill

DSC05406 DSC05416


Mr Webb (orange) was one of my supervisors at my very first job, in 2001. Back then I used to throw him alley-oops. He still gets up


A resident speaks with Assemblyman Jerry Green and Alan Goldstein.


No-look pass


John Louise and First Ward Councilwoman Diane Toliver




There was a moon walk, or bounce house.

3 thoughts on “First Ward Family Fun Day (photos)

  1. The event was hosted by Councilwoman Diane Toliver 1st Ward, and Councilwoman Tracey Brown at-large, thank you for the great pictures, everyone had fun.

    • i cant wait until this july 23rd when the cities around Plainfield will be coming to the 1st ward city council woman Diane Toliver and the councilwoman of all the councils the world known rev; tracy brown the two of them have invited other cities to come and join in the fun as we get to know each others with a hug hand shakes sharing of foods many cities counties and state are looking to show up at this grand events some have said yes others a maybe but all seem positive

  2. Now this is what Plainfield is all about! Looks like a great time. However, I didn’t see the Mayor shooting any hoops!

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