Tonight: For the Field

When he was himself only a college sophomore at NJCU, MC Enigma of Plainfield hip hop duo Negros Americanos started a scholarship to help college-bound Plainfield High School seniors afford their freshman year books.

IMG_6834 - Version 2

MC Enigma at the 2014 scholarship show

Eight years later, the scholarship lives on. Its funds are now raised through a yearly benefit show, which will take place tonight, July 9th, at Hugo’s Lounge at 108 Church Street in Plainfield, at 8pm. Live band Le Gamut will provide the music for Negros Americanos, who will perform following a host of quality hip hop, acoustic soul, funk, r & b, and poetry acts.

Attendees are asked to make a $5 donation, though any larger amounts are certainly appreciated, and those who can not attend can still arrange to donate by emailing All proceeds go to the emagin book scholarship.


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