Cookbook for a cause

The Pemberton Area Block Association has supported many causes over its ten years. From their generous contribution towards the Month of the Young Child book drive to their participation in the PMUA Health Fair and collaborations with the Plainfield High School Marching Band and Swim Club, PABA’s twenty-five dues paying members like to make an impact in our city.

“We just want to do what we can to make our city and our neighborhood a more pleasant place,” says Pemberton Area Block Association President Linda Muller.


PABA President Linda Muller reads to local preschoolers

This year the block association is offering the public at large an opportunity to contribute not only to PABA’s various causes, but to their own culinary libraries.

PABA’s first cookbook was released in 2011 and centered on large entrees. The 2015 book, Simply Scrumptious, which sells for $12, has a different focus.

“This one is completely new,” explains Muller. “They are all tried and true favorites of our members and their friends and families, and they focus on appetizers and deserts.”

The 240 easy, kid-friendly recipes include Red Velvet Cupcakes, Hazelnut Brie Bites, and Buffalo Ranch Dip, the latter of which was a big favorite at PABA’s official book launch party in May.

2015-05-03 PABA SS Sampling Party 012

On May 3, PABA hosted a Simply Scrumptious Sampling Party where a good number of recipes were available to taste.

Some options are particularly health-conscious, like one sweetened with dates. Nearly all the recipes are rather simple.

“These recipes are something quick and different. Nothing is really complicated,” adds Muller. “And they’re all yummy, of course.”

Simply Scrumptious can be bought at the Drake House Museum. See the flyer below.

You can also order by contacting member Barbara Terry at (908) 753-1015 or or by mailing a check for $12 plus $4 shipping and handling to:

Barbara Terry

128 Pemberton Avenue

Plainfield, NJ 07060

Be sure to include your address.


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