Democratic Primary Election Maps 2015

I find election results hard to grasp, especially in city-wide races. Here are how some of the local elections played out  in each ward and district based on the unofficial results, in map form. Please note that there were ties for the female committee seats in 3-8 and 2-1, which will presumably be fulfilled by PDO candidates due to the group’s 46-20 lead elsewhere.

As I had to create the graphic template, I wasn’t able to do as much analysis as I wanted – including a separate map showing turnout percentage, and presenting the margin of victory for each district for committee seats. Perhaps more will be released or updated during the week. I did not bother to map the landslide second ward city council contest (Storch 803 – Eke 272).

Those who’d like to take a look at the city committee results themselves can click here, or here for the entire ballot. Again, these are the unofficial results.



2 thoughts on “Democratic Primary Election Maps 2015

  1. I come to the conclusion every vote is important in G.O.T.V effort the 1/4 council seat is still up for grabs looking at these # .

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