Snapshots of a big win!

After only four hours of sleep followed by fourteen on my feet, I’m too exhausted tonight to write about the Progressive Democratic Organization’s sweeping victory of the Green-backed Regular Democratic Organization. Thanks to everyone for all of your support.

Here are photos from Cedarbrook School and the celebration at campaign headquarters.


What rain? I spent all day outside of Cedarbrook School with team C candidates Elena Rutherford (3-5), Linden Barratt (3-6), and Cecil Allen (3-5), while Emily Morgan (3-6) worked as a challenger at the polls. All four won.


An emotional Barry Goode is embraced by campaign manager Derel Stroud moments after his first and fourth ward at large victory was announced.



Some of the celebratory crowd on hand. Check out Column C winners Terrence and Tara Bellamy (2-7) towards the back!

As the results were added to the board, Cory Storch and the crowd singled out Elena Rutherford's committee seat victory(3-5), as she beat former Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs 92-37.

As the results were added to the board, Cory Storch and the crowd singled out Elena Rutherford’s committee seat victory (3-5), as she won against former Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs 92-37.


The crowd erupts following Mayor Adrian Mapp’s announcement that Column C candidates captured at least 48 of the 68 city committee seats.


Cory Storch thanks those who contributed to the day’s big wins. Storch himself coasted to an easy victory in the second ward city council race.


Barry Goode talks about the long road traveled towards his hard-earned, 26 vote victory (post-absentee), and the leg injury that almost put it in jeopardy.




Councilwoman Rebecca Williams speaks after she is thanked for her contributions.


Ron Scott Bey was recognized for running the campaign headquarters, amongst other support.


The crowd, and campaign manager Derel Stroud, thank Dottie Gutenkauf. (My apologies to Mrs. Gutenkauf for the misspelling the first time around)


It’s been quite a while since a city committee candidate won off the line in the fourth ward, second district. This year two did – Claudette Lovely-Brown and Wendell Woods.

2 thoughts on “Snapshots of a big win!

  1. It was a great evening. We now have an obligation to bring to Plainfield the better government and great quality of life that we have promised. It is a tall order, but we are more than up for it.

    And lastly, don’t EVER think your vote does not count!

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