Plainfield gardening enthusiast, BOE kick off planting season

Resident and gardening enthusiast Deborah Dowe teamed up with the Plainfield Board of Education to host a seed planting event at Washington Community School on Saturday. Over two hours, more than fifty residents had family fun starting spring gardens of organic collard greens, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, radishes, and more.

Ms Dowe urges all to try to grow some of their own food this year. “It may be a pot of spinach in a sunny window, flower boxes of lettuce, or a full scale garden,” says Dowe, who refers to agriculture as the original economic engine and the foundation of community development. She encourages apartment dwellers and those with competition from deer to do their own research online for container gardens and other interesting solutions.

“Plainfield’s School Board and Superintendent Anna Belin-Pyles are to be commended for supporting this opportunity to improve the health and education of everyone who wants to participate,” concluded Deborah Dowe.

Plainfield Board of Education President Wilma Campbell credited Dowe’s knowledge and perseverance as a driving force for this community partnership. She also thanked teachers, custodial staff, the superintendent, and Board of Education members for their help.

“The seed planting workshop was a splendid opener to spring,” said an enthusiastic Campbell. “Witnessing the excitement on the faces of the students and their families was priceless.”















credit: Jackie Coley


credit: Tiara Bellamy

2 thoughts on “Plainfield gardening enthusiast, BOE kick off planting season

  1. Sounds like fun…..Sorry I couldn’t attend…….I’m loving Plainfield’s Positives…..Thank you Deborah Dowe.

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