A downtown demolition mishap

Thanks to Hustle Mania Clothing’s instagram page, I caught wind of a demolition happening on North Avenue near the train station at around 3:30pm. Bernice Paglia covered the demolition as well, in a first and second article with a good amount of background information.


Adjacent businesses were given orders to vacate, like this one, as the buildings are all connected.





The vacate orders were for good reason. Long time Columbian Restaurant Mi Buenaventura was crushed by the wall of the larger building, which fell the wrong way.


Both storefronts belong to the same restaurant, Mi Buenaventura


City Administrator Rick Smiley was on hand to take a look at the damage.



Considering the unfortunate circumstances, the owner, known in the neighborhood as Maria, left the site in rather good spirits nearing 7pm, when I visited a second time. According to a demolition worker addressing Maria’s theft concerns, twenty-four hour police security will be provided for at least the next two days.


Final clean-up not long before dusk

5 thoughts on “A downtown demolition mishap

  1. According to the city’s website, Police Lt. James Abney is the city’s OEM coordinator. However Fire Battalion Chief Bernard Blake was named Acting OEM coordinator last September after Abney got into a little time card scandal at the PD. Not sure what’s come of that, or if Blake is still with OEM. You can download the letter appointing him here:

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