Struggles; BOE Orientation

After struggling further to find a routine time to write since starting new activities – not the least of which was joining the Board of Education in January – I think I’ve finally figured out how to supplement those ever dwindling after-work hours.

At least twice in February, I blocked out an entire weekend day for writing drafts, editing photos or video, and planning future posts down the road. Each time, I spent those highly productive days at one of the Think Coffee locations in New York.

Then came this past weekend, where late nights out, too much basketball, and, frankly, bad planning, rendered me absolutely fruitless. It all lead to a quiet – silent in fact – week on Plainfield View. This weekend may be similar, but for much better reason.

I am currently attending the New Board Member Orientation Weekend in Princeton, which lasts until Sunday afternoon. The orientation’s schedule is jam-packed, and I am looking forward to a learning experience that I can put to use in serving the Plainfield Public Schools.

One thought on “Struggles; BOE Orientation

  1. A familiar struggle–maintaining writing time while juggling public service requirements, job requirements, and personal activities. The only way to do it is to do as you have done–block time–large blocks–to complete your work. If folks don’t hear from me on a weekend, it’s because I am working on my projects. They know I am alive when I “like” something on Facebook–lol.

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