Plainfield to Discuss Islam in Black America

Islam in black America goes back to the very beginning, literally. Somewhere between seven and thirty percent of blacks who arrived as slaves in America are said to have been Muslim, due to the influence of large Islamic Empires in Africa. Examples of authentic Arabic texts were found in the pre-civil War South – most notably that of Omar Ibn Said. Islam amongst slaves was violently suppressed and had limited development, and the next wave of black Muslims didn’t appear until the 20th century.

Since then, black American history has been highly influenced by a diverse group of Muslims of wide ranging world views and belief systems.

“The Plainfield community has a share in that richness, and the story of the history of the African-American Muslim,” says Maxine Salaam who, along with fellow Masjidullah, Plainfield member Sherrie Umrani, invite you to an informative discourse next week. A panel discussion featuring knowledgeable guests from our area will be held in the Anne Marie Davis room of Plainfield Public Library on Wednesday, February 25th at 7pm.

Those who’d like more information can contact Maxine Salaam at (908) 337-0889 or, or Sherrie Umrani Muhammad at (609) 784-5689.

One thought on “Plainfield to Discuss Islam in Black America

  1. As Salaamu alaykum wa rahmantuallahi wa barakathu,

    May Allah reward you both with success and barakats for bringing this much needed discussion to the community at large.

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