A New Year

For me, New Year’s Day has always been a formality. Years are nothing more than arbitrary numbers, in all honesty. 1998, 2003, 2014 – what’s the difference really?

Years are no reference point. Up until my second year in college, the grade was important, not the year. A school cycle started in September.

As I transitioned to life as a part time student, the point of reference changed to where I lived, where I worked, which songs were popular, which project I was designing – none of which follow haphazard calendar years.

Years have no personality. There is no twenty-fourteen feel. Life’s traumas, triumphs, and defining periods rarely begin or end at New Year’s Day.

Spring has always been the time for a new beginning for me. Spring is where the flowers come back, where the leaves return. We feel good and spend more time outside. The doorstep of a brutal winter and the onset of post-Holiday blues never seemed like an appropriate time to reflect or celebrate or plan to make a change.

That’s why New Year’s Eve 2015 is so odd for me. It does feel significant.

Perhaps it is writing occassional posts about Plainfield’s electoral landscape, serving on the Cultural & Heritage Commission, and the fact that I will be sworn in to the Board of Education in a few days. In this world of civic involvement, the year carries extreme significance.

For the first time, the year – not songs, projects, and apartments – is the primary point of reference. Years are the beginning and end of terms, and of budget cycles.

I also have a very major life change – dare I say, a resolution – whose timing just happens to work very well with this once arbitrary point between one year and the next.

So yes, I say to you Happy New Year!

This time I understand the meaning.

2 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. The Jewish NEW YEAR YOM KIPPUR is very significant as is the whole Hebrew calendar! If only, you would join me one day. Ron West might tell you about Al and me! Rita P S with your Mom whom I can’t remember meeting! so Happy New Year You too are a “Survivor” in these harsh times

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