Mayor, Reverend to host justice forum tonight

Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp will join Reverend Dr. Gerald Lamont Thomas of Shiloh Baptist Church in hosting a forum tonight entitled “Next Steps to Justice and Peace”. The panel discussion begins at 7pm at Shiloh, located at 515-521 West Fourth Street.

In the wake of the high profile Ferguson and Staten Island grand jury decisions and the spotlight they’ve pointed on policing in our communities, this forum’s organizers intend to begin a Plainfield discussion of a national issue.

“We want to identify some of the root causes of the problem that has sparked this national conversation and explore possible solutions,” explains the mayor, who marched with St. Mark’s Episcopal Church following the Ferguson decision. “Ultimately, we want to prevent the loss of innocent lives.”

The panel will include Dara Govan, Esq. from the US Department of Justice, Carl Riley, Director of Police and Public Safety for Plainfield, a representative from Internal Affairs in the Plainfield PD, resident Analis Rivera, Mayor Mapp, and Rev. Dr. Gerald Lamont Thomas. It will be moderated by Rev. McClendan. You can find the program here.

2 thoughts on “Mayor, Reverend to host justice forum tonight

  1. David this forum is illegitimate, there are no local grassroots organizations on the panel. We have a organization here active in the city, plfd against killing with over 1000 members. We were not asked to be part of the panel. But you have a person who haven’t been on the planet long enough to offer any insight into the root cause of this problem. Be it from a position of class, race or economics. We need in depth conversation and action. Not just political posturing.

  2. Norman, people are trying to help. They are doing the best they can. This is better than not doing anything at all. Don’t knock the people who are trying. Did you organize a meeting and we just missed it? Don’t complain – be part of the solution and work with people instead of getting in a snit.

    If you have a better way, let us know and do something. Your comment sounds like political posturing. Come tonight and be part of the conversation and solution, not part of the politics.

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