Who is Yvonne?

Bernice recently wrote about Yvonne, a pro-Green commenter who is making the rounds in the Plainfield blogosphere.

Just about all commenters on my blog give their email address so they can be notified when another reader replies to them. Yvonne gave hers as yvonnebaker123@yahoo.com. I went on Yahoo and signed up for that address, so clearly, that email address was a fake. There is no Yvonne Baker on the voter registration list.

If fake email addresses and non-existant voters are any indication of lying about one’s identity (trust me, they both are), having registered on Yahoo makes me every bit as much Yvonne as “Yvonne” is.

Time to find a new alias Vonnie, since you seem to think carrying a name gives you more credibility than anonymity – or your own name. Maybe you should be less sloppy next time. Tie up those loose ends.

But don’t bother. Incredulous rants and negativity on Plainfield blogs are a waste of your time – as much as I enjoy it when you waste your time. These rants don’t gain you whatever you are trying to obtain. You just end up looking silly.

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