New York Ferguson Solidarity Protests

I began writing my thoughts about Ferguson on the train last night, but with no time to come close to finishing, they’ll have to wait. I arrived home from New York at nearly midnight, and for good reason.

Last night, many thousands of protesters in Manhattan formed four or five large groups who collectively shut down countless major streets, the FDR Drive, The West Side Highway, the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges, and the Lincoln Tunnel. For most of my three hours out there, I walked with what would eventually become the FDR Drive contingent, taking photos along the way.


The march gets set to leave Union Square. As per usual, outspoken people paid tribute to other causes – you can see the Palestinian flag on the right.




A shot at the Department of Justice’s lack of action.




Some tourists take video atop an immobile double decker bus.





Some cheered and honked from their cars, others supported from balconies, and in the Lower East Side more people joined the march on foot than I’ve ever seen before.


Just a small piece of this group marching eastward on Houston Street to the FDR Drive


Headed to the FDR Drive down the Houston Street on ramp.


On down the ramp.


An exit or so later.


At that point, I crossed paths with another nearly as large group of marchers. This supporter of Puerto Rican Independence stayed towards the front.



3 thoughts on “New York Ferguson Solidarity Protests

  1. Thank you, David. Pictures are worth a thousand words. I grow up in NYC and your photos spoke volumes to my heart. Stephanie DeGeneste, MS Ed.

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