Danny Dunn, back at it again

For now, I will spare you the most egregious and offensive of Danny Dunn’s recent recorded statements. Apparently when he isn’t fear mongering about supposed state takeovers, making disparaging racist remarks about black people inherently not knowing how to manage a budget (oh the irony), or attacking non-combative candidates on the street as if he lost his sanity, Dunn sets his sights on ordinary residents.


I’m specifically talking about people with these large signs. Danny Dunn was seen recently badgering a woman on the East End about her large poster in support of the Children First Team. Dunn verbally attacked the E 7th Street resident about the depiction of a child on a campaign sign for the Board of Education of all things. I guess he’d prefer his signature depictions.


3 thoughts on “Danny Dunn, back at it again

  1. I find this to be a good sign (no pun intended). Means that Danny feels his power is waning – which indirectly means Green is failing. Definitely hope so.

  2. There will always be folks out there attempting to distract voters from the real issues. It’s a challenge to stay focused in the midst of such inanity–just avoid the silliness as much as you can, or, better yet–KEEP RECORDING IT. 🙂

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