KYSS suspends protests indefinitely, aims to retool

At the fourth and latest KYSS anti-violence protest on Sunday, September 14th in front of Plainfield High School, the Plainfield Police came to shut down the demonstration early in the afternoon. The officer said that the honking of the horns in support of the group were a violation of the noise ordinance. “It just seemed like we were considered a nuisance,” explained organizer Sabrina Lyttleton. “We don’t want to be seen as something negative.”


Sabrina Lyttleton, Jazmine Lambert with her niece, & Delano Mullings at the September 14th KYSS protest

KYSS will be brainstorming new ways of outreach. “We must find different ways to reach our community,” says Lyttleton, adamant about showing positivity to the youth, and remaining free of Plainfield politics. “We want to be advocates for the young people.”

The group insists that ending the protests is no sign of weakness, but merely a change of direction aimed at protecting the integrity of KYSS, its members, and its message. Some of their ideas include working with youth in schools and teaming up with other organizations.

Plainfield View will keep you up to speed on all things #KYSS.

2 thoughts on “KYSS suspends protests indefinitely, aims to retool

  1. Hope they work on getting a better school system and a better education. These are obviously talented and motivated kids who will go far given a good education and mentoring.

    I am proud to be in a community with kids like this.

  2. My congregation’s building is right down the street– we want to be of service. How can we help? Who do I talk to?

    Rev. Tracy at the First Unitarian Society of Plainfield (park and 7th)

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