4 thoughts on “Video: Council Discusses block 247, lots 7 and 9 to Housing Authority

  1. New Jersey’s Local Government Ethics Law

    40A:9-22.5 Provisions requiring compliance by local government officers, employees

    Local government officers or employees under the jurisdiction of the Local Finance
    Board shall comply with the following provisions:

    c. No local government officer or employee shall use or attempt to use his official
    position to secure unwarranted privileges or advantages for himself or others;

    h. No local government officer or employee or business organization in which he has an
    interest shall represent any person or party other than the local government in connection
    with any cause, proceeding, application or other matter pending before any agency in the
    local government in which he serves.

    Local Plainfield Ordinances

    Sec. 11:17-3. Fair and equal treatment.
    No official or employee shall grant or make available to any person any consideration, treatment, advantage or favor beyond that which it is the general practice to grant or make available to the public at large.

    Sec. 11:17-5. Conflict of interest.
    No official or employee, either on his own behalf or on behalf of any other person, shall, unless otherwise permitted by law, have any financial or personal interest in any business or transaction with any public body in the City.

    Sec. 11:17-8. Representation of private persons.
    No official or employee shall appear on behalf of any private person other than himself, before any public body in the City.

  2. I posted a comment on the other video, which I have edited to be placed here. Councilman Reid referenced some “alleged” conversation he had had with Randall Wood yesterday about the “conveyance” of these properties which was apparently enough for Reid, Rivers, Greaves, and Taylor to pass the ordinance on 1st reading–even though what Reid alleges Wood told him directly contradicted the letter’s contents (in which Mr. Wood clearly asks the council to withdraw the ordinance, because Wood said it was premature). I think that Mr. Wood has some explaining to do to the housing authority commissioners about his private conversations with elected officials about official business. The only OFFICIAL communication we received was the letter on HAP stationery–it was also sent to all the HAP commissioners. Startlingly, Reid, Greaves, and Taylor actually had the nerve to say that they had not received the letter sent by Mr. Wood–completely untrue. I produced the email we were ALL sent on Friday, July 11, early in the afternoon–to each councilor’s email–and which was re-sent AGAIN a little while later with a correction of a typo. I also responded to the letter, very briefly–in a “reply all.” I don’t know what to say about my colleagues who clearly do not bother to read official documents, or who say they never receive them, when they clearly did receive them. This failure of basic professional responsibility is due to either neglect or willful obtuseness. I find the continued efforts to convey this property to Cecil Sanders at the expense of the economic progress of our city unconscionable, and the ethical conflicts that Mr. Goldstein has referred to are clear–the conflicts of those on the city council as well as those of Mr. Sanders and Mr. Dunn. The law is CLEAR.


  3. Sad, so sad the residents of Plainfield allow such incompetence on the city council. We just
    can’t seem to get out of our own way. When will Black People learn that all things “Black” are
    not in the best interest of All Black People. We keep falling for the same b.s. As a homeowner, I
    would like to see more businesses in this city. Low income housing for low information people
    will keep Jerry Green and his low expectation flunkies in power. That means ” Mo Money” for
    them and theirs.

    I wish the New Dems could find a way to run at least one of their candidates in the Nov. elections.
    It will take a lot of hard work, but it can be done. I say let’s go after Gloria Taylor, she only won by less than 60 votes. She must go!!! I think if we focused on the residents of Liberty Village and the
    Hispanic Community we can take her DOWN. There is more than enough information that can be
    used against her to get the vote out. Please, Please try again. We cannot afford to wait until the
    next election. The time for Plainfield to move forward is upon us Now. Let’s also start going after
    Jerry Green Now.

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