4 thoughts on “Embarrassing (video)

  1. There is not too much more to say, but this: Councilman Reid’s behavior speaks for itself. He was unprofessional to the point of the council president having to call a recess. When Robert’s Rules of Order was mentioned, he got even angrier. Also, Reid’s “alleged” conversation with Randall Wood yesterday about the “conveyance” was apparently enough for Reid, Rivers, Greaves, and Taylor–even though what Reid says Wood told him directly contradicted the letter’s contents, in which Mr. Wood clearly asks the council to withdraw the ordinance, which he said was premature. I think that Mr. Wood has some explaining to do to the housing authority commissioners about his private conversations with elected officials about official business. The only OFFICIAL communication we received was the letter on HAP stationery–it was also sent to all the HAP commissioners. Startlingly, Reid, Greaves, and Taylor actually had the nerve to say that they had not received the letter sent by Mr. Wood–completely untrue. I produced the email we were ALL sent on Friday, July 11, early in the afternoon–to each councilor’s email–and which was re-sent AGAIN a little while later with a correction of a typo. I also responded to the letter, very briefly–in a “reply all.” I don’t know what to say about my colleagues who clearly do not bother to read official documents, or who say they never receive them, when they clearly did receive them. This failure of basic professional responsibility is due to either neglect or willful obtuseness.


  2. I am more angry with the people of Plainfield, who don’t care enough to understand why this city is so under performing. People don’t vote, so you get Jerry. That is the truth of it.

  3. it’s hard to believe i watched all 3+ mins of it… I’m truly a masochist I guess… that was simply painful…

  4. Hang on to your teeth 3rd Ward – you are in for a ride. Hope you are happy with your choice for council. Surely she represents you – of course AFTER being loyal to Jerry Green. No where has she ever even mentioned her 3rd Ward obligation.

    Vote her out in November.

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