The week in photos (6/14 – 6/22)

Some interesting life changes are afoot, so I wasn’t able to blog too much in the past week or so. I still have been out and about, though, and here are some photos.

MC Enigma

Last month, you may remember Negros Americanos scholarship benefit concert. Last Wednesday (6/18), the scholarships were handed out. Here, MC Enigma speaks, as photographed by Joel Plummer (


An outdoor World Cup viewing party Friday (6/2) at Bonsignour in the West Village. France led Switzerland 5-2 with only a few minutes left, but all those seated and plenty more standing continued to watch intently.


Jersey City rapper Joe Budden (left) performs at The Wick in Brooklyn (6/14), his hype man Brandon on the right.


MC Enigma with the Emagin scholarship winners. (Photo by Joel Plummer –


On Sunday (6/22) I enjoyed Dave’s Chappelle’s sold out performance at Radio City Music Hall, his fifth of ten sell outs at the venue.


Joe Budden at The Wick in Brooklyn (6/14)

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