The smooth sounds of the Plainfield BOE

No one likes executive sessions. In fact, just this week, attendees endured a one hour executive session during Monday’s City Council meeting, leading to a post 9-pm start and a near midnight finish. Like the Council, the Board of Education regularly has these sessions, too. There are a plethora of contractual and other private matters, the details of which much be sorted out away from public view.

Since early this year, though, the Board of Education has found a new way to entertain otherwise bored observers when they leave the table – music. It might not sound very impactful, but once, when the Board had to discuss a private matter nearing my bedtime, I ended up staying another half an hour, enjoying the good, smooth music that they put on. At this week’s meeting, I enlisted the help of Shazam to provide you with a sampling.

I know that the acoustics, and ambiance, of the auditorium are different than that of a courthouse, and that a police station might not seem like the appropriate place to play some Najee, but please consider this for your own private meetings, City Council. In fact, maybe the relaxing sounds of Phil Perry will make the divided council take the proverbial knives from each other’s necks as they stroll back through those double doors. One thing is for sure – we the spectators would enjoy it. Let’s make it happen.


Will Downing’s lyrics in the song above aptly ask you to “stay a little longer…I want to talk with you just a little more”. Subliminal message? (lol)


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