Community members demand return of Lamar Mackson

At last night’s City Council agenda fixing session, around fifteen people came to the mic in support of recently fired Director of Media, Lamar Mackson. That figure doesn’t take into account Mackson’s many more supporters who sat both in the pews and even upon the City Council bench. While I managed to get video of some speakers, I fumbled the opportunity to record several important ones. Nevertheless, I captured a good amount of footage, most of which you can expect tonight (6/11).



Words from Dee Dameron

Resident Dee Dameron, who is not on video, went to the mic to read an open letter to Mayor Adrian Mapp. Here is the transcript:

…[Mapp’s] vision of “One Plainfield, One Future” inspired all of us to demand change and support it. Mayor Mapp delivered the State of the City address on January 6, 2014 at the City Council reorganization meeting. That very night, I witnessed friction between Mayor Mapp and the City Council over a temporary budget. However, they reached a consensus and the approval was unanimous.

At a special meeting in January, I observed an issue with Joy Spriggs – her employment status and circumstances beyond her control. Her family came out and pleaded with Mayor Mapp to do the right thing. After consideration, the Mayor had a change of heart and her employment continued.

Where am I going with this? Mayor Mapp, over the course of the last few months, I have seen things that I am in agreement with you on and other things that I’m not. The same applies to the City Council. There are things that you have done that I’m in agreement with and other things I’m not. Plainfield has real issues and yet the city is in turmoil because of its leadership. The question is, where do we go from here? Since Mayor Mapp is not here I want this part to really be put on record.

Mayor Mapp, since you are our leader and we the people of Plainfield elected you, I will direct this to you. Word on the street is that you have political favors to repay at the expense of Plainfield residents by hiring outsiders. That you are working behind the scenes to remove Frank Tidwell, Chief of the Fire Division from office. That the majority of the City employees are afraid to speak out due to possible retaliation. That you’ve come across as a dictator. That the One Plainfield, One Future vision is a farce. That you have reneged on promises to give jobs to Plainfield residents that helped you during your campaign. That you should be recalled as Mayor, especially for the recent termination of Lamar Mackson from PCTV.

In other words, Mayor Mapp, there is so much negativity about you swirling around. Is any of it true? What will you do? Only you know in your heart what the truth is. The people elected you to do your job, and trust in you to provide honest, ethical leadership for Plainfield. As a resident of Plainfield I am asking that you do a thorough introspection and give consideration to rehiring Lamar Mackson. He has done an impeccable job at PCTV, which is an invaluable asset to the community. It provides opportunities for our youth. It benefits our seniors who are at home and unable to attend meetings, and it gives positive information about our city.

Mayor Mapp, on Wednesday, March 26, 2014, at 6:39PM you and I had a private telephone conversation. At that time you said, “Dee, you know me, I am a man of my word.” Mayor Mapp, with all due respect, I have two words for you: prove it.

DSC02313 - Version 2

Plainfield resident Dee Dameron at Adrian Mapp’s Inauguration

7 thoughts on “Community members demand return of Lamar Mackson

  1. David –

    I look forward to reading your blog and I enjoy reading your blog and viewing your videos. However -my suggestion (only a suggestion) be a lil bit careful on how you portray certain individuals without careful investigation. For instance -your video portraying Ass Jerry Green is actually Ass Jerry Green doing the actual Ass Jerry Green, even if Ass Jerry Green denies that IT is not Ass Jerry Green.

    Now the Lamar Mackson firing – have you spoken to or with Lamar Mackson regarding his side of the story? Has anyone heard Lamar Mackson’s side of the story? And if not -why hasn’t Lamar Mackson come forth and state his story? I believe he and the council puppets know why he was fired and I believe he is embarrassed on why he was fired. To Lamar – YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID and you know why you had to be fired.

    Now -Dee Dameron -chuckle chuckle chuckle! Dee Dameron never worked on her own campaign so do you really believe she worked on Mayor Mapp’s? Enough said.

    • Donnatella Meia, you are absolutely INCORRECT with your comment about me not working on my campaign or Mayor Mapp’s for that matter. Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle. Come out and say it to my face and not hide behind the blog. ENOUGH SAID!!!

  2. Please forgive me David for believing I need to respond to DeLois’ comment via your blog post.

    DeLois Dameron –

    Mayor Mapp has been in office for 6 months. SIX MONTHS to clean up EIGHT YEARS of Mayor Sharon Robinson Briggs “mess” and YOU want to recall HIM?! You are going to lead the protest against Mayor Mapp? SIX MONTHS IN OFFICE?! You say Mayor Mapp went from being a “HERO” to ZERO -who labeled Mr. Mapp a “HERO”. I wouldn’t call him a “HERO”, but I will call him a man who won the campaign because Plainfield voting citizens believed the city needed a change that will move Plainfield forward and so they believed Mr. Mapp is the candidate that could do just that. And so they voted for him and he won. And now we must see what he can do.

    Will Mayor Adrian Mapp move Plainfield forward while city council and individuals such as yourself seem to want to push him back because you feel he hasn’t done anything for Plainfield in S-I-X MONTHS? And, you DeLois Dameron speak of Mayor Mapp “SNEAKING” behind the back of Mr. Tidwell, the Chief of the Fire Division to get rid of him. Well, Mr. Mapp is not a very good “SNEAKER” if YOU know about it -IS HE?

    And all this chatter about Lamar Mackson -tsk tsk tsk! PCTV is a PUBLIC channel not LAMAR MACKSON channel. Allow the younger Mr. Mackson to come forward and say why he shouldn’t have been fired and why he should be re-hired. I remember viewing the firing of a pregnant Bibi Taylor during the holidays. She came to the council meeting PREGNANT AND IN LABOR while her job position was being defended. She won. If the younger Mr. Mackson is “INNOCENT” then let him come forth.

    And -what difference would it make if I spoke to you face to face or keystrokes to keystrokes? I will admit I was incorrect about “ENOUGH SAID”. Obviously there is A WHOLE LOT TO BE SAID.


    • Donnatella Meia, I am aware how long Mayor Mapp has been in office. I also know that Rome was not built in a day. I sat through the quagmire at many of the council meetings under Sharon Robinson Briggs. I spoke out against her as well because I saw how that administration ran this city. Mayor Mapp ran on the One Plainfield One Future vision and he will be held accountable as our leader just as she was. He deserves the support from all those that voted for him. However, I will not rubber stamp any wrongdoings from any elected official, mayor or otherwise. My vote counts and it matters.

      Your words are “HERO” to ZERO, SNEAKING, SNEAKER. Re-read Paragraph 4 of my letter for my words. “Word on the street is…” which means that’s the talk of this city. Call it what you want. It is said that in a rumor you will find the truth, even if it’s the ugly truth, which some people can’t handle.

      I was at the council meeting when Sharon Robinson Briggs fired a very pregnant Bibi Taylor. I spoke out that very night for my friend, Bibi and experienced the wrath of an angry former mayor which lasted for months. I even walked with her to the car, as her husband carried her to the hospital because she was in labor. So you’re not telling me anything that I don’t know.

      How do you know if Lamar hasn’t fought for his job? Because he didn’t come to the last two council meetings and speak? The people are also waiting for our fearless leader to come out as well. At least Sharon Robinson Briggs was there to defend why she fired Bibi Taylor. I’m just saying!!!

      I will not go back and forth with you. I owe you absolutely nothing and you owe me absolutely nothing. Face to face, keystrokes to keystrokes, no strokes to no strokes. Your words, “ENOUGH SAID…A WHOLE LOT TO BE SAID.”

      I leave you with this though, is Donnatella Meia your real name or a pseudonym? ONLY YOU KNOW THE TRUTH..

  3. Again forgive me David Rutherford –


    “I will not go back and forth with you . . . ” You just did. And yes Donnatella Meia is my name. Is DeLois Dameron your name? We are responding to one another’s words not our names. It is obvious that two real people are responding to one another on David Rutherford’s blog and he has given us the stage.

    If you supported Mapp SIX months ago why wouldn’t you go to Mapp and ask him about the rumors since it bothered you enough to put Mayor Mapp on blast at a council meeting and give permission for your letter to be posted on Mr. Rutherford’s well read blog? You said you spoke to him on the telephone, which means he is accessible to you.

    With that said -you worry about my name yet you throw out rumors in your letter that SOMEONE said, yet you do not give THEIR name. Are you sure it was a rumor by someone else? My 10 year old son smelled something unpleasant in the car as I was driving him and his 7 year old brother to school. He said out loud, “Seppe farted!” And the 7 year old said, “Whoever said it dealt it!”


    AGAIN – Thank you Mr. Rutherford.

  4. Donnatella Meia…DON’T TELLA ME that you are real. I know who you are and I will see at the next council meeting in July. Until that time be safe, be well and be real.

    DeLois Dameron and that is my REAL NAME!!! I don’t a code name to hide behind.

    • I have been teased practically throughout my whole life because of my name. No code name. Really ME.

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